Andre’ Chapman

The Speaker

André Chapman demonstrates his passion for his work and vision to create access, equity and equality for those marginalized communities. From corporate executives, government leaders, corporations, not-for-profits, community groups and churches bring him to speak, train, and deliver powerful information for creating healing environments that uplift our shared communities.

Key Messages

How to Effectively Engage Communities of Color

How to Build Diverse and Inclusionary Work Cultures

Understanding & Addressing the Impacts of Racial & Social Inequalities

The Role and Responsibilities of Leaders in Addressing Systemic Racism

The Life Experiences of an African American in Today's Society and Our Response

Transforming Our Broken Foster Care System to Give Foster Children the Future They Deserve – How and Why Now?

Check below for upcoming presentations followed by those he has given earlier this year.
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"This training helped me to self-reflect on myself and the current issues in our community."
Jessica C.
"Excellent content and passion on the topic from our trainer."
Rodney V.
"I thought the training was great. I enjoyed hearing about history and how those experiences can still have strong impacts on us many years later. I believe it also helps us to be open about helping those in need."
"Thank you for the great training. Love the specifics!"
Mark V.
"The presenter was knowledgeable and engaging. I would recommend him to others."
"Thank you, Andre! I look forward to future training with you, and I hope we get to keep talking about application and how we live this in our day-to-day- work. I also appreciate how your faith/spirituality showed throughout the training."
Celestia G.
"Very engaging workshop that provided everything we wanted for our staff. "