André Chapman left his promising Silicon Valley career in high-tech sales to work full time in the field of foster care. Some questioned that move.

But twenty-seven years later, Unity Care Group, the organization he founded and directs, serves thousands of foster children and families, while stimulating revolutionary improvements in the fields of foster care and public education.

  • Through these pages, you will be: Encouraged by this man’s remarkable story of courage, faith, and vision.
  • Challenged by his innovative ideas for transforming our broken educational and foster-care systems.
  • Inspired by his devotion to bringing hope to the hopeless while growing “Roses in Concrete.” Replace the word “hopeless” with “America’s most vulnerable children”
What can you do to carry this message and also make a difference?

132 pages 6 x 9
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“Roses in Concrete” Reviews

Marc Buller
Marc BullerChief Assistant District Attorney Santa Clara County (Retired)
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"An incredible story of one man’s vision that is changing the lives of our society’s most vulnerable population. Thanks for sharing your story it stands as an encouragement to all!"
Roy Clay Sr.
Roy Clay Sr.CEO, ROD-L Electronics
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“Through Unity Care’s success, André Chapman has proven that his innovative ideas for reforming the child welfare and foster care systems really work. Everyone who wants to do a better job of serving children, families, and communities at large should read this book and implement its comprehensive strategies!”
Eddie Garcia
Eddie GarciaChief of Police, San José Police Department
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“As a law enforcement leader, I recognize the need to improve our foster care and educational systems, especially in our most vulnerable neighborhoods. In Roses in Concrete, André Chapman not only points out concerns about these systems, but also offers innovative ideas about how to move forward. I applaud André for writing such an emotional and thought-provoking book! It will be abundantly clear to anyone who reads it why he is a community role model and an expert in this extremely important field.“
Don W Kassing
Don W KassingEmeritus President, San Jose State University
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“I first meet Andre for lunch at the Cuban restaurant across the street from Unity Care's headquarters in 2002. I had heard about him in the San Jose Community and the extraordinary work he was doing. His commitment to foster care children and others in need was immediately evident. Our missions overlapped and it was important for me to know that and Andre wanted to be sure we both understood it. It was a very important conversation for me. It awakened me to the need for the University to embrace and support these young people after they were 18. Over the years Andre and I worked on community projects together and I will always respect his uncommon energy and belief in giving back. The book is an important read for anyone and everyone who cares about our society's future. Andre has devoted his life to others. He is a what my father would call... A Very Good Man"